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MRI should be the first line of defense, not a last resort.

Affordable MRI scans make it easy for you to get the most information as quickly as possible saving you money and time spent finding the right treatment options.

See why our approach is much more effective compared to the current healthcare model:


"Initially I went in to see if I had a torn meniscus in my left knee, since it had been bugging me for a year or two. I can honestly say that I avoided a catastrophic disaster by having gone here (literally on a whim) to have my knee checked out. The cost to get these images are very reasonable. Highly recommend this place. No doubt in my mind, MRI Pathways is revolutionizing medical imaging in many ways and I am glad we have this pioneering imaging center available to us in the Twin-Cities."
- Shafa W

"Super professional clinic, very friendly and easy to work with. I live in California and Kaiser being super stingy and not trying to take care of my lower back issues - took it into my own hands when I was home visiting family to get an MRI done myself. Recommended for anyone that needs an MRI - much more valuable to any medical professional than an X-Ray."
- Scott W

"MRI Pathways is the best! I went here because I was having pain in my tailbone and my doctor recommended that I get a CT scan. I didn't want to get one because of the unnecessary high radiation exposure when an MRI is a safer alternative. The only problem is that MRI's are so expensive that the doctor wouldn't order one for me. That's where MRI Pathways comes in to play. I called around looking for an affordable MRI and this was the place. The prices are way lower than hospital prices and the service was so helpful and personable. If you are looking for affordable safe diagnostic imaging MRI Pathways is the place to go!"
- Jeff J