Wellness Through Comprehensive MRI Scanning

Take control of your own health. Identify your early risk factors for diabetes, stroke, heart disease, and other chronic diseases.

Let MRI Pathways help you take the right steps toward reversing your risk

Objective Tests

We use MRI technology to objectively measure your risk for chronic diseases such as type-2 diabetes, fatty liver, and stroke

Personalized Plans

We provide you with customized step by step instructions to improve your health and reduce your overall risk for chronic diseases

Quality Care

Private consultations with our physicians are unlike your standard 15 minute office visits. Our physicians take the time to make sure all your questions are answered

Proven Results

Our client success stories range from dramatic weight loss to eliminating the need for type-2 diabetes medication


Personalized Measurements

We understand and respect that everyone is unique. That is why when you enroll into our wellness program, we start with a series of comprehensive MRI scans. By establishing your initial health baseline, it allows us to measure both your positive and negative changes objectively. As you progress, follow up scans give us more objective information to fine tune your individualized program.

Visualize Your Own Body

A picture is worth a thousand words. Our wellness program is a collection of over 500 pictures of your body. Think of the wealth of information we able to tell you about your health. Many of our clients tell us that seeing their own images is one of the highlights of the program. In contrast to looking at models or generic images from the internet, clients are not only able to see inside their own body, but also able to track internal changes with follow up scans.

Continuous Customization

Our analysis of your initial baseline will determine the over all strategy of your program. We may, for example, help you maintain your current healthy state or start coaching you to reverse identified risk factors. Your wellness program is continuously adjusted in response to your progress or setbacks. We understand and embrace the fact that clients aren't perfect, which is why continuous customization is one of our keys to success.

Flexible Scheduling

We understand that people are busy which is why we treat clients on our wellness program like VIP. We try to work as harmoniously as possible with your busy work and life schedules.